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Navigating in Compose is easy

Navigating in Jetpack Compose is pretty simple as you may already know. You just declare a NavHost with all your destinations and a NavHostController that will remember the navigation state and will let you controll your navigation.

For example:

We’ve just created a navController using rememberNavController() so that navigation…

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Hi, today I come to you with a quick tip on how to update your StateFlows safely in Kotlin.

Recently a new version of Kotlin Coroutines library was released with a few new extensions functions to help you with StateFlow updates. It all started with this issue:

Let’s see what…

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If you’re a Polish speaker then you can listen to a podcast I created, based on this article:

Last year kotlinx.coroutines library introduced two new Flow types, SharedFlow and StateFlow, which also have their mutable types — MutableSharedFlow and MutableStateFlow.


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Scrollable list is one of the most common feature in modern mobile apps. In Android we have two popular ways to achieve this. We can use either ListView or RecyclerView. Do you know exactly how they work and which one should you…

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Ways of testing on Android

Every good Android application should be well tested to minimize the risk of error after releasing it to the world. The most basic tests for any application are Unit Tests. …

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Having troubles managing git history in your project? You should read this.

In this article we’ll talk about best git practices for managing your project. Follow these rules to keep your project well-documented and to avoid future problems with your project’s git tree.

Creating new branches

Main branches

At the core, the development model is greatly inspired by existing…

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Forgot to do something in your last commit? Take it easy, git amend to the rescue

Today you’re gonna learn one of many ways to hack and rewrite your history in git. Git amend is great and I use it literally everyday. …

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